Sparta TNR

Helping Our Cat Community

Spay and Neutering

Our primary focus is spay/neuter of outdoor cats (community, feral, barn). Our cost for male (neuter) or female (spay) is a minimum donation of $45.00 per cat. For larger groups of cats, we will work with you to make cost affordable.

Adopting Those Who Need Homes

As resources allow, we remove kittens and some friendly cats from the streets and adopt them out, providing them a better life.

Run by Volunteers

We are primarily volunteer based, our vet techs (for surgery days) and autoclave person are the only volunteers that receive a small compensation for what they do. The rest of our team is 100% volunteer based and receive no pay.


About Sparta TNR

Our program started spring of 2015 when one of our program founders noticed a colony of cats feeding out of a dumpster in the neighborhood. She connected with another program founder that had been doing TNR randomly on her own over the years. A bake sale was held at the local IGA along with a rummage sale to raise money for spay and neuter costs. That first summer 8 adult females and 6 adult male cats were fixed. In addition, 7 kittens were adopted. The need continued so we continued. Little did we know back then that we would be where we are today!

Since 2015 we have spayed/neutered over 1100 cats and adopted out 450 kittens/cats. In 2022 alone we spayed/neutered 160 cats, 87 females and 73 male and adopted out 52 kittens. Each year the program grows and each year we have gained wonderful volunteers and supporters. In summer of 2021 we became an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our mission is spay/neuter of outdoor cats to stabilize outdoor cat populations and prevent kitten/cat suffering. We provide high quality spay/neuter at a reduced cost. We make up the cost by fundraisers and private donations. We receive no city, county or state funding. Now being a 501(c)(3) we will be looking further into grants for TNR. We have proven that TNR (trap-neuter-release) does work. We have been able to stabilize outdoor cat colonies and prevent kitten/cat suffering through TNR. We have been able to stop distemper (panleukopenia) in a colony and care for sick/injured outdoor cats. We have been able to remove kittens and some friendly adult cats off the streets to give them a better life.

We know there is still a great need out there and hopefully each year we can help lessen that need. All of this happens because of YOU… the volunteers, the supporters, the donors! Thank you.

Any donations help us take care care of more cats in need. You can use PayPal via the button above or contacts us for other methods.

Currently Available Cats

Are you interested in adopting one of our cats?

To adopt one of the cats in our program, we will perform a background check based on the information in these forms. For most of our cats, an adoption donation of $75 is requested. Get started with the below forms:

Cat/Kitten Adoption Application

Adoption Contract

How To Help

Sparta TNR, Inc. is volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We recive no city, county or state funding. Our program is donation based, whatever a caregiver is able to provide we accept. We make up the cost by fundraisers and private donations. Here are some ways you can help!

One-time or monthly donations


"We got our baby Rugger from Sparta TNR and they were wonderful to work with before and after adoption. We are still in contact with her now and she is so helpful and supportive. I highly recommend working with and donating to this organization. ?"

We adopted buttons on 5/8/2020 what a amazing kitty, i would like thank the tnr group for there amazing job they are doing, we also would like to thank Mary and Bill for raising such a wonderful kitty, he is so loving , friendly, energic what a great guy THANKS AGAIN

Steve and Cindy

Good peeps! Doing an awesome job in community trying to get cat population under control and find good homes for the kitties. Devoted and dedicated to humane animal control.

Sparta TNR was great to work with and answered all my questions with the adoption of my Ginger! When they found Ginger, she was pregnant and deaf. After her kittens were adopted, they took great care of her for the year until I found her.

Ginger and Shane, Tomah

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